ukraine mbbs disadvantages
In recent years, studying MBBS from Ukraine has been the no.1 choice of Indian students. While there are many advantages which makes Ukraine the preferred choice of so many students, it certainly is not without any shortcomings. Most of the Ukraine MBBS disadvantages arise when the student fails to adjust to the new place.

Here are the Ukraine MBBS disadvantages:

Climate: Some students find it hard to adjust to the cold climate or weather of Ukraine. The temperature will be below 0° for about 3-4 months. However, even when the temperature is below 0°, the students won’t have any problem when they are inside any building/car/bus. This is because all the buildings are centrally heated.

Local Language: Going to any foreign country will mean that you will have to adjust yourself according to the new country. The students are taught the local language (Ukrainian or Russian) as a part of the curriculum. If the student takes interest in the subject, then they will have a good command on the language and this will help them in their day to day life and also at the time of hospital visits. However, if the student does not show interest in the local language, then he will lose confidence and will struggle while interacting with the patients.

Duration: The course duration for MBBS in Ukraine is 5.8 years. This is longer than the duration in some other countries like Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan.

European Curriculum: The curriculum taught by all European countries is excellent and it focuses on overall growth and development of the student without putting the students in immense pressure. This, however, is a problem for some students as they don’t feel motivated enough. Lack of good attitude can lead to failure among students.

Cheating Agents: A lot of times, the students are being given the wrong information by the agents in India. This is why you should do research and contact only the consultancies which have a direct tie-up with the universities.

So what now?
Despite some disadvantages, MBBS in Ukraine is still the no.1 destination and choice of Indian students. MBBS in Ukraine is a good option and Indian students have been graduating from Ukraine for more than 20 years now. The advantages of doing MBBS from Ukraine outweigh the disadvantages.

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